FIFA 17: Reddit user creates hilarious parody Ultimate Team intro

EA Sports are handing out a free pack and it's unbelievably easy to get your hands on it for absolutely no cost whatsoever

Look, there's no doubt that FIFA Ultimate Team is a brilliant game mode.

It has surpassed career mode, Virtual Pro and pretty much everything else as the most popular aspect of EA Sports' football game and spawned copycats from their rivals.

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Nothing is perfect, however, and there are a few frustrations nearly every Ultimate Team player has shared over the years.

Whether it be certain overpowered players, the emphasis on pace, terrible goalkeeping or just freak glitches and accidents, the fun of building your dream XI is interrupted every once in a while by moments that make you feel like throwing your controller out of the window.

So Reddit userjinglebellzdawg decided to create an alternative intro video to Ultimate Team to pay tribute to all of those annoyances, and it's a thing of beauty.

All that's missing is the part where you're 4-0 up and get disconnected.

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