FIFA to Introduce Video Assistant Referees in Next Year's World Cup

Kavan Flavius

According to Sky News Newsdesk, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has said that video assistant referees will be included as part of match officiating teams for World Cup fixtures next year.

The system was trialed in Italy, Holland and the United States among other countries, and proved quite effective. The game's governing body are now confident that it can help smooth out issues on the grandest stage of them all.

Back in February, IFAB (International Football Association Board) technical director David Elleray confirmed as much, also claiming that it made the referees' work much easier, but there was still lots of room for improvement.

"We are very happy with the progress that has been made," he said to the ​Daily Mail. "We have gone from almost nothing to more than a dozen countries, and we have already found out what we can do better.

"One or two things did not go so well at first but it would be a great shame if people get the idea that it is not going to work. It has so far worked better than a lot of people have anticipated.

DFB & DFL Video Assistant Testing
DFB & DFL Video Assistant Testing

"If the trials go well, FIFA would like to have the option to use it for the World Cup next year. England are also following this closely and may well become part of it in the future."

Well, according to Sky, the future use of the system has been confirmed by FIFA's president, and if all goes well, we can expect it to be implemented in league football thereafter.

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