FIFA YouTuber Discovers 'Unstoppable' Crossing Technique to Ensure a Goal Every Time

Ben Davies

​Scoring from crosses on FIFA may be a thing of the past, and let's be honest, no one really enjoys it.

Sure, you might score the odd one every now and again, but they seem so much more difficult this year; especially seeing as scoring a 30 yard screamer, or dribbling past the entire opposing team before slotting it in the back of the net is so much more satisfying.

But YouTuber Krasi (via Dream Team) has found a way to score 'unstoppable' crosses.


Firstly, set your 'cross assistance' to 'semi'.

Once in a game, run to the byline near the edge of the box and play an early cross (L1/LB and square/X) with about two bars of power - ensuring there's a player waiting at the far corner.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Leicester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg

Once the ball is played the keeper should glitch and stand still, watching on as the ball flies over his head, ready for you to knock into the back of the empty net.

It's hardly Ronaldinho-esque, but a goal's a goal!

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