A finger full of pus causes YouTuber to fail on 'Naked and Afraid'

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On Naked and Afraid, Trevor Rasmussen — or Fronkey, as he’s known on YouTube — thought he could stroll into the cloud forests of Ecuador and stroll out 21 days later. But all that changed after he nicked his finger on a machete.

After he got a few stitches, things went from bad to worse the next day as Rasmussen’s finger showed signs of infection.

After extracting lots of pus from Rasmussen’s finger, a medic cleaned the wound. Rasmussen was warned that he could have a “septic reaction” if the infection worsened.

Fortunately, Rasmussen’s finger slowly began to heal, but ultimately it was too late and he decided to go home. The YouTuber said, “The first day, I got kind of knocked on my butt after I worked too hard, and then I cut my finger and I got, like, three stitches. Why am I here? You know, why am I here when I could be home with my wife and my family?”

Naked and Afraid airs on Discovery

Watch as a Naked and Afraid contestant is rushed to the hospital:

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