First Castle Craft gameplay trailer shows off its voxel building and defensive combat

 Castle Craft appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023 showcase
Castle Craft appearing in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023 showcase

You may remember Castle Craft from its debut in our March Future Games Show, but now we've got the first gameplay trailer for you with the August show.

This voxel sandbox title lets you create impressive castles from scratch - or should that be block by block - fortifying them as much as you can before the hordes descend.

As you can see in the gameplay trailer above, your castle starts off modest enough, with you literally carving out your main keep from a single stockpile and working up from there.

You'll have to make sure you're ready to defend your king from the array of monsters threatening the land too, which range from armed skeletons to titans capable of smashing through walls and leaping onto the parapets. The longer you manage to hold on, the stronger and more biologically advanced your enemies will become.

Thankfully, you'll also be able to build up your army alongside your fortifications, with archers and giant shield-carrying swordsmen among those aiding you as monarch in protecting your growing kingdom.

The destruction in the voxels does look super cool, but I'll be doing everything I can to avoid it in Castle Craft. After all, it's not all about battling. You'll also be building an economy within your kingdom too.

Castle Craft is dropping on PC this winter, but you can wishlist it now on Steam to make sure you don't miss that release date drop.

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