We take a first look at Gozney's new pizza oven that already has a waitlist of 7,500 people

 Gozney Arc.
Gozney Arc.

Gozney is launching a new pizza oven, the Arc, which the brand claims is the 'world's most advanced compact pizza oven'.

The Arc, available in a standard and an XL size, runs on gas and features an eye-catching digital thermometer, which alerts you when you've hit the perfect heat for different pizza styles.

And, like many of the best pizza ovens, it's got a range of other features to make outdoor cooking easier than it has been in previous Gozney releases, including a new lateral side burner and an extra-large oven mouth, to make slotting in your dough a less stressful procedure. Here's what we learned when we took a first look.

The Gozney Arc pizza oven

The Gozney Arc will be available to buy from the 6th of March from the Gozney website and will launch alongside a range of accessories, including an Arc stand, to help make your pizza oven stand ideas come to life in your garden.

Thinking that the Gozney Arc looks strangely familiar? That's because the design has a striking resemblance to the Gozney Dome, which was an absolute sell-out success during the pandemic years.

We had to wait for weeks to get our hands on a sample to test, but once we did, we found in our Gozney Dome Pizza Oven review that it was a five-star offering, and well worth the wait.

Our reviewer did find however that it was a seriously hefty piece of kit, which is where the Gozney Arc is a little different, with a design that takes the prestige of the Dome and parcels it into a more compact unit.

And though it doesn't exactly look portable, unlike the Roccbox (which we also tried and loved in our Gozney Roccbox review), it certainly weighs a lot less at 21.5kg compared to the mammoth 58kg weight of the Dome.

The mouth of the oven is wider too, which should make manoeuvring your pizzas in to cook much easier.

Once inside, Gozney claims that the new side burner, which sends a rolling flame across the top of the dough, can replicate a wood-fired oven whilst you enjoy all of the convenience of gas when setting up.

Gozney Arc
Gozney Arc

Undoubtedly, however, the thing that strikes us most about the Arc from photos is the digital display, which lets you know the exact temperature of the stone so that you can cook a range of pizza styles (Neapolitan, Detroit, Chicago deep dish - whatever you fancy!) at the dedicated temperature needed to get them just right.

As with all of the pizza ovens we feature in our buying guide, we'll be testing this one out to see how it measures up to our current favourites and let you know how we get on.