First trailer for Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev's new Netflix movie

adam devine, nina dobrev, the outlaws
First trailer for Vampire Diaries star's new movieNetflix

Netflix has released a trailer for crime comedy The Out-Laws, starring Nina Dobrev and Adam DeVine.

The Vampire Diaries and the Pitch Perfect stars feature as Parker McDermott and Owen Browning, a couple who's ready to walk down the aisle. Hilarity and chaos ensue when Owen, who's a bank manager, starts suspecting Parker's parents — played by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin — might be the criminals who have just robbed his bank.

As the wedding is getting closer, Owen investigates whether Billy and Lily McDermott are actually the fearsome Ghost Bandits. In a turn of events, the goofy bank manager won't hesitate to get his hands dirty when things go awry with a rival robbing gang.

ellen barkin, pierce brosnan, the outlaws
adam devine, nina dobrev, the outlaws

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"Click, click, there's a gun to my head, and my bank is being held hostage, and my bank is being robbed," DeVine told Netflix's Tudum ahead of release.

"And essentially, they say something that leads me to believe it's my in-laws, and I have to figure out: 'Is it [them]or is it not?'" he continued.

Brosnan plays Billy with a delicious meanness towards DeVine's Owen, teasing another conflict brewing beneath the surface.

adam devine, michael rooker, the outlaws
richard kind, the outlaws

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"He's a rogue, he's an outsider. He's a kind of lost soul. He and his wife are not who they say they are," Brosnan said of his character.

"We come into town because our daughter's getting married, and I do not take to this young man, in any shape or form. I find him to be not worthy of my daughter's heart. And I give him a very hard time in the process of him trying to woo her."

Produced by DeVine and Adam Sandler, The Out-Laws also stars Julie Hagerty and Richard Kind as Owen's parents, as well as Michael Rooker, Poorna Jagannathan, Lil Rel Howery, Blake Anderson, Lauren Lapkus and Laci Mosley.

The Out-Laws hits Netflix on July 7.

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