Five easy and effective exercises to lose double chin

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With the easy availability of the internet and smartphones, we can instantly save our special moments in selfies and photographs. But some of us have to work around to find the perfect angle that shows the face nicely. It happens typically due to a double chin and how to get rid of your flap below your neck is becoming one of the most common concerns.

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Why does double chin happen?

Muscles from the lower jaw to collar bone become inactive and start accumulating fat. This leads to a double chin.

What’re the solutions to get rid of a double chin?

The easiest way to lose fat in this area is by some specific exercises. We have some super easy to follow exercises to help you get rid of a double chin.

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  1. Practice with pout: Pouting is the go-to pose for selfies and fun photographs. Now you can get more out of this pose beside the pictures. Use the following steps to decrease the double chin.While keeping your head straight pout for 3 seconds. Next, bend down your head towards the chin and move the lower lip out. Repeat this 15 times to strengthen your jaw and neck muscles.

  2. Whistle into the wind: One of the most fun and effective exercises to lose double chin is very simple. Look up with a straight head and whistle into the wind or to the roof for at least 10 seconds and then rest for a few seconds. Repeat this at least 15 times a day to strengthen chin and jaw muscles.

  3. Gum to the rescue: As you would have seen in a famous TV commercial, chewing gum helps reduce chin fat and have a chiselled jawline. The only thing to pay attention is that you have to do it for some days to see results continuously. And yes, it will pain a little but it won’t go in vain.

  4. Shout out OO-EE: Again, this might sound stupid but loudly saying OO-EE helps tremendously reduce chin fat and toning up the cheep muscles. Keep on saying OO-EE at least 20 times with exaggerated expressions and see the double chin disappear within weeks.

  5. Rolling Stones logo exercise: Perhaps this is the most fun exercise. Take your tongue out to the maximum and keep it on the end of your mouth. After 2-3 seconds switch to the other side and take your tongue out to the maximum. As you do this exercise, you can feel a grip on the neck, that tones up the neck and chin muscles to ultimately lose fat.

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