Five simple ways to tackle stress

Whether it is caused by work, home life or something completely different, we all experience stress.

Yet, anxious feelings don't need to dominate your day. In partnership with Feel Good Contacts, psychologist Jan P. de Jonge has come up with five useful tips to reduce stress in no time at all.

Stop scrolling

In the era of TikTok and Instagram, it is all too easy to get stuck in a never-ending social media loop consuming news that can often be negative. Consuming a huge amount of news can be overwhelming, leading to stress.

"Limit news consumption to set times during the day and preferably not when you should be relaxing," Jan suggests.

Make sure to have free time

Although most of us have to work and can't choose our working hours, try to prioritise time for yourself. Take a look at your schedule and prioritise what needs to be done and see if there is any time you can use for a break.

Jan says, "Recalibrate your priorities and review how much time you spend on each habitual activity."

Turn off screens

If you are too embarrassed to look at your screen time (like many of us), it might be time to limit the time you spend on your phone or any other screen.

Constantly glancing at screens can be stressful and the blue light which is emitted from the screen "disrupts your sleep cycle" which can lead to "lower quality sleep".

Get up bright and early

Waking up early and getting fresh air is great for your mind and can "help you to sleep better". Jan recommends setting daily tasks that you want to get done and "make sure you accomplish the four of five more important tasks on that list".

Make sure to move your body

Exercising is a simple way to slow your mind and reduce stress. A simple stretch can get your blood flowing and help you feel a little bit less stressed.

Jan recommends, "Start with small steps - small goals that are very easy to achieve. Don't worry about finishing, but make sure you make a start."