'Our Flag Means Death' Meets 'Dream Daddy' in Hunky Fan Art


Fans of Our Flag Meets Death have been doing what they can to tolerate the gap in between the popular first season — and and the upcoming season which returns on October 5. — it will surprise no one to hear that in the meantime the fans, oh they’ve gotten pretty creative.

You can only watch the trailer for season 2 which dropped today so many times.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max

So instead take a moment to appreciate this fan work that made a particular splash on Twitter last year as of late reimagines some of the queer pirate cast as characters in the game Dream Daddy.

If you aren’t familiar with Dream Daddy, it’s an interactive visual novel game where you play as a hot single father who moves to a new town with his daughter. The only objective in the game is to romance one of the seven other single dads in the area, with options like a former college roommate and a rugged loner.

The Our Flag Means Death version, which was created by @Sage_saiga and exists only as art and of course is not actually playable, reimagines the likes of Stede Bonnet, Edward Teach, and others on the ship in the same style of artwork while offering insight into what vibe they would give off were they available to woo in a game.

Fans of both the show and the game have been going wild over the crossover, despite being extremely disappointed it isn’t real.

“my current fiancee and I met because of dream daddy and are now obsessed with OFMD,” one person wrote. “so this hits so close to home.”

@Sage_saiga also shared videos of their process creating the art on TikTok, and promised a new set of characters very soon.

A premiere date for the second season of Our Flag Means Death hasn’t been set yet, but really that just gives fans more time feel inspired to create fun fan works like this — and keep rewatching season one in the meantime.