Florida Principal Removed Amid Probe Into Transgender Athlete: Report

Broward County Schools
Broward County Schools

A Florida principal and other staffers were reassigned to “non-school sites” this week as county officials probe how a transgender player allegedly featured for the girls’ volleyball team at Monarch High School, sources told WTVJ. A statement from a school district spokesperson in Broward County said the school’s principal, James Cecil, was reassigned due to “allegations of improper student participation in sports,” but didn’t divulge more details. In Florida, it’s illegal for transgender athletes to play on teams not designated for their biological gender, just as it’s illegal for transgender people to use a restroom different from their gender at birth. In a statement, school board member Torey Alston insinuated the county’s probe is to determine if Florida law was broken. “The investigation will follow the facts and if it is revealed that state law is in question, I could tell you, we will follow state law,” he said. An online bio for Cecil says he’s worked in the school district for more than 25 years.

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