Raptors edge Bucks in 2OT classic, Leonard scores 36

Toronto Raptors forward Norman Powell (24) scores past Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) and guard Pat Connaughton (24) during first half NBA Eastern Conference finals basketball action in Toronto on Sunday, May 19, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn
Toronto Raptors forward Norman Powell (24) scores past Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) and guard Pat Connaughton (24) during first half NBA Eastern Conference finals basketball action in Toronto on Sunday, May 19, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

The Toronto Raptors defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 118-112 in double overtime, as Kawhi Leonard scored 36 points. Toronto now trails Milwaukee 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Here’s how this classic proceeded.

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Double overtime

The Bucks airball a three-pointer and the clock runs out. Raptors defeat Bucks 118-112.

Brogdon gets a quick bucket but Leonard is fouled and goes to the free-throw line with 8.2 seconds remaining, hitting both shots. 118-112 Raptors

Middleton struggles as the Raptors successfully trap him twice, and the Bucks are called for a backcourt violation. Siakam is quickly fouled on the ensuing play with 16.1 seconds remaining and drains both attempts from the line. 116-100 Raptors

Siakam misses a corner three but comes up with a huge block on Lopez rolling to the rim. Leonard continues to run the Raptors’ offense, outmuscling Brogdon for a layup to extend the lead. A timeout is called with 32.4 seconds left. 114-110 Raptors

Leonard comes up with a massive steal off a poor pass, and gets an uncontested bucket. However, on the next possession, Siakam is called for a questionable foul on Brogdon, sending him to the line. Brogdon gets the first one to drop, but misses the second free throw and Gasol gets the board. 112-110 Raptors

Gasol hits two free throws after taking a hard foul near the rim, but Lopez responds with a quick bucket of his own. 110-109 Raptors

VanVleet is called for a foul on Lopez, and the Bucks’ center nails both free throws. 108-107 Raptors

Leonard takes off in transition and his silhouette could be the next NBA logo, throwing down a massive dunk after Danny Green comes up with a huge steal. Kawhi ends up limping to the bench, however. 108-105 Raptors

Gasol comes up with huge, draining his fourth three of the game. 106-105 Raptors

Hill tips in a miss from Bledsoe to take the lead. 105-103 Bucks

Bledsoe’s runner doesn’t drop for the Bucks. On the next possession, Siakam comes up with arguably the most clutch play of the game, as Giannis fouls out of the game on an aggressive drive. Antetokounmpo finishes with 12 points, 23 rebounds and seven assists.


Leonard runs the clock down on an isolation, and tries to hit a jumper with the clock expiring but it doesn’t fall, and we’re off to double overtime.

Leonard’s three hits the backboard with a thud and the Bucks take the rebound up the court, as Hill gets to the line. Hill hits both free throws and it’s a tie game again with 14.5 seconds left. 103-103

Siakam misses a contested layup and Brogdon responds by hitting a floater. Nick Nurse calls a timeout with 34 seconds remaining and the arena is nearly silent. 103-101 Raptors

Siakam gets an offensive rebound and dances around Antetokounmpo for the layup. After the Raptors force a turnover, Leonard isolates against Middleton and hits a stepback jumper. 103-99 Raptors.

Giannis misses both free throws but the Bucks corral the rebound, and Hill hits a corner three. It’s cruel fate for the Raptors but they need to do a better job of boxing out. 99-99

Green hits his biggest shot of the playoffs, draining a corner three. Leonard wins a jump ball over Giannis, but Gasol misses a three. Brogdon drives to the rim, finds Giannis inside the paint, but he’s quickly fouled while going up for a dunk. 99-96 Raptors

The Raptors close out well on Brogdon’s three-point attempt but after Giannis tries to corral the rebound, the ball ricochets out of bounds. Toronto quickly gets the ball back, but Leonard’s jumper doesn’t fall. After another Bucks’ three-pointer doesn’t fall, Lopez is called for a foul on Gasol. 3:44 remaining.

4th quarter

Siakam’s game-winning attempt hits the backboard and falls away harmlessly. This one is going to overtime.

Middleton drives hard to the rim, misses his first attempt but gets his own rebound and scores with 2.2 seconds remaining after outfoxing Danny Green. 96-96

VanVleet tosses up a wild three-point attempt that doesn’t go in, but Middleton misses a three-pointer of his own, and Siakam secures the rebound with 7.4 seconds remaining. Siakam misses both attempts, the Bucks grab the rebound and call timeout. Toronto sports, as we know it.

Powell fouls out with 19 points, his best game in recent memory. After the Bucks hit one free throw, VanVleet misses a three and Brogdon hits a jumper. Hold onto your hats! 96-94 Raptors

Siakam is fouled by Giannis and gets one of two free throws to fall. Bledsoe misses an open three, Leonard corrals the rebound, gets fouled and goes to the line, nailing both attempts. 96-91 Raptors

Leonard shoots over a smaller defender to re-gain the lead. 93-91 Raptors

Hill steps out of bounds, turning the ball over to the Raptors. And when they needed him to step up, VanVleet’s three-point attempt swishes through the net. The Bucks refuse to go down without a fight, however, as Hill responds with a three of his own. 91-91

VanVleet’s three-point attempt bricks off the backboard, and Hill lays the ball in through traffic to tie the game. Nick Nurse calls a timeout as the Raptors’ offense stalls at the most inopportune time. 88-88

Siakam draws an offensive foul on Antetokounmpo, who checks out of the game subsequently. Leonard misses a jumper and on the next series, Lopez barrels into Gasol and completes the and-1 opportunity. 88-86 Raptors

Powell is on fire, hitting another three coming out of the timeout. Antetokounmpo’s layup attempt rolls off the rim, but Gasol misses a three-pointer on the next possession. Not to be denied twice in a row, Antetokounmpo goads Lowry into his sixth and final foul. VanVleet is going to need to play his best ball of the playoffs. 88-83 Raptors

Giannis is finally coming alive offensively and the Raptors ought to be worried. The MVP favourite speeds to the rim and draws contact from Gasol, getting to the free-throw line. Antetokounmpo sinks the first attempt but airballs the second one, and gets jeered by the Scotiabank Arena faithful. 85-82 Raptors

We now go live to Jurassic Park.

Lowry navigates a Gasol screen and rattles in a three. Gasol stops Antetokounmpo at the rim, and Leonard drills a three on the next possession, leading to a quick timeout. 85-77 Raptors

A sloppy first minute from both teams, but eventually Leonard gets to the line, to settle down the frantic pace, as Giannis gets called for his second foul. Leonard hits both free throws. 79-75 Raptors

3rd quarter

Fred VanVleet tries tossing up a wild layup in traffic and it doesn’t fall. Although the Raptors have been the better team through three quarters, it’s a two-point game against the NBA’s deepest team. This could make for another instant classic. 77-75 Raptors

The good news: Powell is having one of his best offensive games of the season, with 16 points off the bench. The bad news: he’s up to five fouls. 77-72 Raptors

Hill runs over Lowry, gets the layup and a foul is called on the Raptors’ guard. Scotiabank Arena erupts in boos but doesn’t change the result. 75-69 Raptors

Powell drains two free throws after suffering a hard foul. Lopez misses a three, and Gasol finds Siakam in the corner for an open three, extending the lead. Siakam is up to 20 points on the evening, a significantly better showing than Game 2. 73-64 Raptors

Ibaka denies Mirotic at the rim, and after a somewhat broken possession, Powell finds Ibaka in the corner for an open three. However, on the next play, Siakam inexplicably throws the ball away which leads to a Milwaukee basket. 68-64 Raptors

Nashville Predators defenceman P.K. Subban is among the stars in attendance, as well.

Brogdon continues the Bucks’ strong run with a three. Both teams force turnovers, Ibaka misses a jumper, and then Giannis is called for a travel. A timeout is called and the Raptors’ lead is in peril. 65-62 Raptors

Lowry gets called for his third foul of the game, after Gasol inexplicably tosses the ball backwards, sending Bledsoe to the foul line and he hits his first of two attempts. Mirotic comes up with a deft steal and Middleton gets a quick field goal. 65-59 Raptors

This is the version of Gasol the Raptors signed up for, as he drills a three. After Giannis misses a three of his own, Leonard goes strong to the rim, gets his own rebound and puts it back up for two points. Lopez responds with a three of his own. This is going to be exhilarating. 63-56 Raptors

Gasol does an excellent job of closing out Brook Lopez at the three-point line, forcing a miss, but Leonard also misses a jumper. On the next sequence, Nikola Mirotic gets his own rebound and taps it in. 58-53 Raptors

Gucci Mane, Drake, Georges St-Pierre and Mike Myers are in the building for Game 3. We’re here for any collaboration.

2nd quarter

On the final possession of the half, Lowry kicks it out to Ibaka who drills a corner three. It may seem obvious, but this half was easily the best Toronto has played since the series begun. 58-51 Raptors

Leonard crosses Brogdon over with a nasty stepback. Left wide open, he hits the three, but the Bucks respond with a three immediately from Bledsoe.

There’s a reason why the Bucks led the league in point differential throughout the regular season, as Lopez and Brodgon come out of the timeout blazing with consecutive threes. 48-43 Raptors

The Raptors are taking full advantage of offensive rebounds, a much-needed development for Game 3. Powell comes down with a huge board, and Leonard eventually finds Lowry for another three which brings the house down. 48-37 Raptors

Gasol secures an offensive rebound and kicks it out to Lowry for a three. Both teams miss shots, Middleton gets fouled and hits one of two free throws. 39-34 Raptors

As if on cue, Giannis responds with consecutive buckets. A timeout is called, and the Raptors certainly don’t want the see the Bucks’ superstar in top form. 36-33 Raptors

After the Bucks closed the gap to four points, Leonard draws contact on a floater, gets the bucket to fall and hits the ensuing free throw. 36-29 Raptors

Ibaka drills a jumper, but Connaughton fires back with another three. An errant Antetokounmpo pass hits the side of the rim and goes out of bounds. Ibaka draws a foul from Antetokounmpo, his first of the game, and a timeout is called. 33-27 Raptors

Powell tries to explode to the rim but is stopped by Antetokounmpo. Both teams struggle to get a bucket through the first 90 seconds, but Pat Connaughton steps into a three to keep the Bucks within six. 30-24 Raptors

1st quarter

Through one quarter, Powell leads all scorers with 10 points.

Powell’s outstanding start to the game continues with another three, and the Bucks fail to respond in equal measure, but on the Raptors’ next possession, Fred VanVleet runs into a trap and the shot clock expires to end the quarter. 30-21 Raptors

Malcolm Brogdon walks up to the three-point line and nails an open shot, but Powell responds with a strong layup, taking a perfect bounce pass from Gasol to the rim. 25-16 Raptors

Leonard takes off in transition for a dunk, and after another missed shot from the Bucks, Norman Powell gets a quick three. Gasol blocks a three-point attempt from Middleton but misses a three on the next possession. 23-13 Raptors

Milwaukee’s depth is terrifying and after a slow start, Khris Middleton and George Hill nail back-to-back threes. 18-13 Raptors

Gasol’s excellent start to the game continues, finding Siakam under the basket with a perfect bounce pass, and he completes the and-1 opportunity. Eric Bledsoe responds with a turnaround jumper. Both teams trade missed shots, Antetokounmpo swats a Siakam attempt into the stands, but Gasol gets a quick bucket and the Raptors are off to a scorching start. 18-7 Raptors

Kyle Lowry finds Leonard in transition for a bucket, but Kawhi comes up limping afterwards. The Bucks fail to capitalize on the next series, and Gasol drains another open three. He took responsibility for the Game 2 loss, and this has easily been his best stretch of the series. 11-5 Raptors

Giannis Antetokounmpo shows off his outstanding wingspan, spinning to the basket for an easy layup to open the scoring. The Raptors respond in turn, as Pascal Siakam goes off the glass for a bucket. After the Bucks miss on the next possession, Marc Gasol hits an open three much to the delight of the Raptors’ home crowd. 5-2 Raptors


Although Nick Nurse hinted at changes to the starting lineup, the Raptors will be running out the same lineup as Game 2.

Kawhi Leonard’s iconic game-winner against the Philadelphia 76ers has been lionized in Toronto.

Our own William Lou, Amit Mann and Kishan Mistry are at Scotiabank Arena for Game 3. Follow @william_lou@Amit_Mann and @_kishanmistry throughout the series.

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