Following Manchester United is clear Liverpool route back into the top seeding pot

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Liverpool in Champions League draw Credit: PA Images
Liverpool in Champions League draw Credit: PA Images

UEFA have diddled Liverpool by putting them in the second Champions League pot, it seems. What they need to do now is sign a certain type of player…


Seed what they did there…
Obviously the biggest story in football (according to The Sun, at least) concerns West Brom striker – for now – Andy Carroll not being able to score (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA) in Dubai, but the story taking second billing on their football homepage on Tuesday morning is almost as ludicrous:

‘EUR JOKING Champions League seedings CONFIRMED with Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs in Pot 2 after Ajax get final Pot 1 place’

Let’s breeze past the fact that the seedings were CONFIRMED the minute Liverpool failed to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final and head straight to the implication (‘EUR JOKING’) that UEFA have somehow diddled English clubs by *checks notes* sticking to the changes they announced in 2014 that gives Pot 1 seeding to the champions of the top UEFA countries rather than basing it purely on coefficients.

‘CHELSEA, Liverpool and Tottenham have been confirmed as SECOND seeds for this summer’s Champions League group stage draw.’

Well, yes. Because none of them are reigning champions of anything that really matters. And putting something in CAPITALS makes it no less shocking when the rules have literally been in place for years. You know who else is in the SECOND pot? Barcelona and Juventus. Just wait until you hear that Borussia Dortmund are in the THIRD!

‘The trio have all been regulars in Europe’s elite competition over the years.

‘But it has not saved them from dropping into Pot 2 for the draw which takes place on Thursday, August 25.’

No. Because of the rules.



If I could…
The MailOnline also has the memo…

‘REVEALED: Next season’s Champions League draw pots… which could see Liverpool face Real Madrid AGAIN with the Reds joining Chelsea and Tottenham in missing out on seeding, while Inter Milan and Dortmund lurk in ‘Pot 3”

Yes, for the third time in five years, Liverpool and Real Madrid are in different pots. And for the third time in five years, the odds suggest that they will not be drawn together because – and this seems important – Liverpool could also face Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, PSG, Porto or Ajax.


Helter pelter
Perhaps the real shock should be reserved for Liverpool being SECOND seeds. As we know, they are still the best team in Europe.

Michael Owen has received some criticism for that particular claim so he will be very pleased to see his old teammate Stan Collymore weighing in on his side in the Daily Mirror.

‘My old team-mate got pelters for saying Liverpool were still the best team in Europe after losing to Real Madrid.

‘I’ve got to stick up for him because, not only are Liverpool and Manchester City almost universally accepted as the two best teams on the planet, but everyone has been hailing City as the best team in the world for three years at least. And they’ve played in one Champions League final!’

It’s almost like a knock-out competition is not an accurate way to ascertain the best team!

Owen has got ‘pelters’ because Liverpool did not win either the Champions League or the Premier League and actually failed to beat any of the top flight’s other Champions League qualifiers this season.

Owen got ‘pelters’ because what he said was biased bollocks.


Age is but a number
Mediawatch actually agrees with Stan Collymore that Jude Bellingham would be an excellent signing for Liverpool but then he ruins it all with this sentence:

‘Klopp needs to be looking at a top player around the 27-year-old mark EACH season to keep things ticking over. I know Bellingham doesn’t fit that profile but he’s one for the next 10 years.’

There must be some logic in there somewhere but it’s harder to find than people who haven’t played for Liverpool thinking that they’re still the best team in Europe.

Even if we generously concede that ‘the 27-year-old mark’ lies between 26 and 28, Liverpool have not signed a player in that bracket since Xherdan Shaqiri in 2018 and things have gone pretty damned well for the Reds in the last four years.

But not as well as for Manchester City, obviously. And they have merrily bought, erm, zero players in that age bracket since the summer of 2018.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have bought one every summer.

Go figure.


The main Mane
Sadio Mane is trending so…

‘Sadio Mane’s close friend revealed thoughts on Liverpool exit and predicted transfer’ – Mirror.

Indeed he did. In 2020.


The Origin of Species
Darwin Nunez is trending so…

‘Liverpool news and transfers LIVE – Darwin Nunez move, Sadio Mane eyed, Son Heung-Min bid’ – Liverpool Echo.

The ‘Darwin Nunez move’ LIVE latest is that (two days ago) Sport Witness said Liverpool are among the ‘interested’ clubs. The only ‘move’ here is the contortions required to make this ‘news’ sound current.

And then there’s this…

‘United hire new deputy director of football, Man Utd ‘very close’ to Nunez signing, Raphinha interest – latest updates’ – The Sun.

‘Very close’ sounds very promising, to be fair.

An agreement between United and Benfica is said to be ‘very close’ for the striker according to Portuguese newspaper O Jogo.’

That does sound promising…until you click the link and realise that ‘Portuguese newspaper O Jogo’s source is in fact English journalist Dean Jones, who claimed that the deal was ‘extremely close’ on May 28. So a) not that sodding close and b) ‘latest updates’, my arse.

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