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It's been three long years since Worthy Farm opened its famous gates to welcome hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers to the iconic Glastonbury festival.

A global pandemic and two cancellations later, the time has very nearly come for music lovers to make the annual pilgrimage to Somerset, England.

Glasto 2022 kicks off on Wednesday 22 June, with headliners Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar taking to the stage over the weekend.

Plenty of pints of beer and cider, cocktails and shots will be downed over the coming week, so we have a handy guide on which foods give you the best chance of beating a hangover.

And remember Glasto-goers - water is your friend. Come rain or shine, do not stop sipping water - keep yourself hydrated and feeling as fresh as you can the whole festival long.

Foods to beat a hangover: the festival edit


Packed full of potassium, it's time to go bananas for the health-boosting yellow fruit. The reason why they are so great in a heavy drinking situation has to do with the potassium levels. Alcohol blocks the production of a hormone that helps your body hold on to water, which leads to dehydration and the loss of potassium and sodium. Pack bananas along with your crates of beer. And don't forget water, water, water!


Another easy food source to pack with your camping stuff is crackers, which are fast-acting carbohydrates that can increase blood sugar levels. Because your liver switches to processing alcohol during a drinking session, instead of regulating blood sugar, crackers are an ideal food to get levels back up again.


Full of magnesium, nuts are great for your body at any time. But definitely grab a handful when you're hanging, because magnesium levels in the body are depleted. Again, easy to add to your cool bag alongside the booze you'll be packing.


Complex carbs release sugar into the bloodstream at a slow and steady rate. Make sure you buy some oat-based breakfast bars for the morning after the night before, and to snack on throughout the day.

Breakfast favourites

There are food stalls - good food stalls at that - far and wide across the Glastonbury site. Breakfast favourites like avocado, spinach and especially eggs all work to kick a hangover into place. Find yourself a great brekkie spot, add some bread into the mix, and start your day right.

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