Premier League - Ardiles calls for English football revolution

World Cup winner Ossie Ardiles claims that England have no chance of winning the World Cup next summer in Brazil - or for the next 20 or 30 years.

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Ossie Ardiles (PA Photos)

His candid comments were made at the launch of Fans All Star 2013 and come in the wake of a disappointing showing at the European Championships by the England U21s.

"England is in a very, very bad state. You are not going to win the World Cup for 20 or 30 years," said the former Tottenham man.

"It is because what they are teaching the young is not right. It is a big emphasis being tough, fit and quick. The number one thing is England should be striving to have 11 masters of the ball," he added.

Ardiles, who managed in England with Swindon Town and Tottenham Hotspur amongst others, believes the situation will continue as long as foreign players are promoted ahead of local talent.

“You have the best league in the world but it is because you have players from all over the world. There are no home-grown players and there is little chance of them coming through. You need a revolution."

The Argentine, who moved to Spurs in 1978, places the Premier League at the centre of this conflict.

"In any other country it is one entity: the Argentinian FA, the Brazilian FA, the French FA. They dictate what happens in their Premier League and what happens in their national team,” he said.

"Here the Premier League has nothing to do with the national team so the interests are completely different."

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