Premier League - Benitez: Fan comments 'were for good of the team'

Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez has said his comments after the win at Middlesbrough were "for the good of the team."

Premier League - Benitez: Fan comments 'were for good of the team'

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After that victory in the FA Cup, the Spaniard said: "A group of fans, they are not making any favour to the team and they are singing and wasting time preparing banners."

"It's because someone made a mistake. They put my title interim manager and I will leave at the end of the season so they do not need to waste time with me, they have to concentrate on supporting the team."

The comments led to a media storm and Benitez was grilled about them during Friday's press conference ahead of Saturday's clash with West Brom and replied in explanation: "I'm trying to do the best for my team.

"The best for my team is to have a very good atmosphere behind them. When the players felt that support against Napoli (last season) they ran that extra mile. Against Arsenal (this season) feeling that support helped them run an extra mile.

"I'm trying to explain that if we stick together it will be easier."

"The fans they can express their feelings, that is normal so I don't have any problem with that. But still I am saying to all of them that if we stick together…it will be fantastic for the players and everyone and if we win, we will have three more points on the table, and at the next press conference you will be asking if we can finish in the top two, instead of what is going on (off the pitch)."

Benitez also said his relationship with John Terry was 'fine' and that he remains the captain of the team.

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