Football - Brown warns of further Gers revelations

John Brown expects more revelations about the deal that saw Charles Green take over at Rangers to unfold in the coming days.

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Football - Brown warns of further Gers revelations

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John Brown, pictured, made two bids to buy Rangers from Charles Green last summer

Brown - now interim manager at Dundee - made two bids to buy the club from Green last summer after the Yorkshireman reformed the Ibrox outfit following Craig Whyte's chaotic reign which saw the Glasgow giants liquidated.

The former first-team player also held a doorstep rally at the stadium as he questioned the true ownership of the club's assets - including Ibrox and the Murray Park training ground.

Now following claims by Whyte that Green had acted as his "front man" to buy Rangers, Brown says fans should brace themselves for more details to emerge of the exact nature of the deal struck between the two businessmen.

Refusing to go into too much detail, he only said: "What I did last summer was because of what I knew and that will now all unfold. I'm concentrating on being Dundee interim manager until the end of the season. That's my main concern."

On Friday Green, now Rangers chief executive, insisted there was never any possibility of Whyte being involved in his consortium after the former owner apparently claimed he was behind the original Ibrox newco.

Whyte has threatened legal action against Green and former Rangers director Imran Ahmad - demanding £1million a year for life or 25% of the Ibrox chief executive's shares.

Whyte, whose own Rangers takeover remains the subject of a police inquiry, claims he was the main driver behind the Sevco 5088 company which purchased the assets and business of the company he had put into administration.

Days later Green transferred the assets - which were bought for £5.5million in June last year - to a different company called Sevco Scotland, which then became The Rangers Football Club.

Whyte's main argument appears to be that such a transfer was illegal and he remains the rightful owner of the club's assets.

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