Premier League - Bruce: 'Alan is in serious, serious trouble'

Hull boss Steve Bruce admitted he had never witnessed an incident like it in his long career after Newcastle counterpart Alan Pardew's touchline spat.

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Premier League - Pardew to face panel over headbutt

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Newcastle United's manager Alan Pardew

Newcastle earned a 4-1 win at the KC Stadium on Saturday, but all anyone was talking about afterwards was the 72nd minute incident when Hull midfielder David Meyler barged into Pardew as he looked to retrieve the ball for a throw-in.

Pardew, no stranger to touchline altercations, squared up to the former Sunderland midfielder before apparently directing a headbutt at the Irishman.

Referee Kevin Friend certainly viewed it as a serious incident and sent Pardew to the stands, with the FA sure to take a close look at the altercation in the coming days.

Bruce said that Pardew had apologised and that "as far as I'm concerned the matter's over," but he pulled no punches in letting the world know what he thought of the incident.

"I've never seen or witnessed anything like that," he said.

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"There's no question that Alan's led with his head and he's obviously lost it.

"I'm sure Alan will regret it and he'll look at himself later on and think what the hell have I done but there you go.

"I don't think I've ever seen a manager do anything like that. We're all in a state of shock. It's for Alan to live with and for Alan to deal with the consequences.

"I'm sure he'll regret his actions for a long time. I would imagine Alan would be in serious trouble, serious trouble."

Bruce was at least able to joke that Pardew was fortunate Meyler did not respond in kind.

"The one thing I will say about David Meyler is thankfully he's David Meyler - I think some others might have started rolling around," he said.

"He's lucky that he didn't get one back! Then he would have been in serious trouble.

"A 25-year-old against a 50-year-old is a mis-match, isn't it?"

Pardew himself tried, rather unconvincingly, to explain away the incident after apoloising.

"He was right on top of me and I wanted to just ease him away from me but obviously I put my head in a forward motion," said Pardew.

"I don't think it was a headbutt. It wasn't a motion that was quick.

"Sometimes when you're on the sideline like that you can get involved in a moment like that.

"It was an incident that just flared up all around me.

"I just wanted to get him away, but with the forward can't do that.

"Of course, I'm not stupid enough to accept there's going to be no punishment. I'll have to accept whatever comes my way.

"I believe my behaviour over the years has not resulted in too many fines and sitting in the stands, but this one probably will."

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