Football - Butcher blasts losing Hibs

Hibernian manager Terry Butcher has blasted his players following their 3-1 away defeat to Partick Thistle.

PA Sport Report

The Hibs boss savaged his players after watching them go down to goals from Chris Erskine, Lee Mair and Kallum Higginbotham, with youngsters Sam Stanton and Duncan Watmore, who hit Hibs solitary response, the only players to escape the furious manager's wrath.

When asked what disappointed him most about the performance, Butcher replied: "Lots of things.

"I think Hibs fans have seen this performance so many times. Performances like that have happened all too often for Hibs in the past.

"It will be an interesting team selection next week. I'd rather go with kids and lose if we're going to lose, but let's go with kids, at least they're honest.

"Today Watmore and Sam Stanton were excellent for us and they tried their socks off, and they are being let down by other players.

"We pushed Sam out wide left to have a go at the full-back and he got into a good position for the goal, but I need three or four Sam Stantons in the team and I haven't got that.

"I need three or four Duncan Watmores in the team and I haven't got that.

"They're game boys and if you look for any comfort from the game - and there's not much - those two would provide it between themselves, so it will be interesting next week."

Butcher admitted that he is considering throwing in some of his other youngsters to try to ensure that Hibs don't get dragged into the reckoning for the relegation play-off position.

"We've got one or two (other youngsters)," said Butcher.

"We'll certainly have a look at team selection because we've got eight battles now.

"I said to the lads we've got eight wars really, and I want people who will fight and scrap and the youngsters will do that because they're honest and they'll have a go, but we'll see.

"I don't like being let down. I do not like being let down."

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