Scottish Football - Cardle: I knew what was coming

Joe Cardle knew he was going to lose his job when he arrived at East End Park on Thursday - but he admitted he could not have envisaged such desperate measures hitting Dunfermline even last week.

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Scottish Football - Cardle: I knew what was coming

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Joe Cardle described being made redundant by Dunfermline as 'scary'

Cardle was among a full team of players who were made redundant in an ongoing process of cutbacks made by interim administrator Bryan Jackson.

The 26-year-old emerged from East End Park more than two hours after all players sat down to hear their fate, one day after Jackson was appointed in a bid to avert the Fife club being wound up over an unpaid £134,000 tax bill. But the former Airdrie winger knew what was coming.

"We got told there was going to be a meeting at four o'clock and I knew I was going to be one of the lot that had to go," Cardle said.

"I was expecting it. It's a bit funny hearing your name getting called out and getting told that's you on your way but it's part and parcel of what's been going on at the club for the last six months. It's scary, unbelievable. It's such a big club and the history the club has got, for this to happen to the boys is horrible, it's unacceptable."

Players only received a fraction of their wages last month following a series of delays this season. And those players who survived the cull have been given no guarantees they will be paid. But Cardle did not realise the true extent of the situation, which experienced football finance trouble-shooter Jackson has described as the worst he has faced.

"I didn't see this coming at all, I'll be honest," Cardle said. "It was only the last week that I thought this was going to happen.

"It's happened now and I have to move on and look to my future. You can't be angry, you just have to get on with it. It's in my agent's hands now and even if I can't sign for another club until the end of the season I can go and train and keep my fitness up and then concentrate on next season and work on that."

Striker Andy Barrowman confirmed on Twitter he had been made redundant while captain Jordan McMillan was also among those to lose his job. Former Rangers player McMillan, 24, told Radio Clyde: "We were taken into a meeting and told what was going to happen, the redundancy papers were put in front of us and it was just a matter of signing them.

"That's it signed and sealed and I have to move on. I am going to get my agent on to things and see where I go from here. But it is not a nice day to be honest. It is horrible. Everybody has bills to pay, mortgages, kids, wives so it is not easy but you have to get on with it."

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