Football - Davids 'retires' following sending off

Former Ajax midfielder and current Barnet player-manager Edgar Davids has it seems retired from football.

Football - Davids 'retires' following sending off

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Edgar Davids, Barnet (PA Photos)

Davids, who also played for Barcelona in an illustrious career, received his marching orders for a third time this season in Saturday’s Conference fixture against Salisbury.

The sending off is the fifth time the former Netherlands international has been sent off since he became involved in the club in October 2012.

In the post-match press conference, Davids spoke of what he saw as a campaign targeting Barnet.

"I think I know for definite now that the league is targeting Barnet. I don't know how many games we have played now but there is weird decision-making all the time,” said Davids.

“It is ridiculous, especially the first [yellow card] because everyone can see I cleared the ball. That was an absolute disgrace. The other one for the red card was also a disgrace.”

He confirmed to local media that he wasn’t “going to play anymore because they are taking away the fun.”

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