Football - Evra makes Reds case for defence

Patrice Evra has claimed Manchester United have defended better this season than they did last even though they managed only their fourth Premier League clean sheet in the 2-0 win over West Brom.

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Given the Red Devils had 10 shut-outs by the same point last term and are only five adrift of the 33 goals they conceded in the entire campaign, it seems an odd thing to say.

Even Evra admits it is bizarre. However, the Frenchman is adamant.

Almost all his team-mates, and most importantly his manager, have expressed concern at the manner of United's defending but he has none.

"The confidence of keeping a clean sheet is good," he said. "I am a defender. I don't like to concede goals.

"But I am more bothered about winning games and I know when we have a big game the defence will be strong.

"Maybe it sounds bizarre but I feel we were weaker defensively last year even if this season we have conceded more goals.

"I know sometimes it is about concentration and we can do much better but it does seems the opponent scores every time they shoot.

"I am not worried about the goals."

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