Premier League - FACTBOX: Reactions to Luis Suarez's 10-match ban

Luis Suarez's 10-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic was dividing opinion among managers and former players in Britain on Thursday.

Premier League - FACTBOX: Reactions to Luis Suarez's 10-match ban

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Luis Suarez faces the prospect of missing the last four games of this campaign and the first six of next season

Below are a selection of their views:

Dietmar Hammann:

"Would it not have sent out a stronger message if the club suspended him for two weeks? It would show him and everybody else who plays for the club in the future what LFC is all about - respect and dignity.

"If you think Suarez is victimized by the FA, don't forget he wasn't told to bite Ivanovic."

Sam Allardyce:

"He has to stop that little fuse that keeps blowing in his head. It is not politically correct in this country, that type of thing (the biting incident), so you have to accept the punishment."

Andre Villas-Boas:

"I think the image is shocking. You would expect a lengthy ban."

Gus Poyet:

"If we want him to be a saint, we'll lose him. I like Suarez as he is. He made a mistake, I'm not defending him. He was angry because of the penalty he committed and thought (Liverpool) would lose due to his mistake.

"There have been many cases of footballers who committed excesses on the pitch and then apologised, as happened with Luis, who are then treated as heroes. This didn't happen with Luis."

Alan Pardew:

"It was an incident that everybody was shocked by, even him. You have young kids playing in the park, and it is not what you want to see."

Roberto Martinez:

"Everyone agreed it was wrong behaviour, and he was the first one to accept it.

"We need to know what the FA is basing its ban on and whether they have taken into consideration his previous charges and the previous (biting) incident in Holland."

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