Premier League - FIFA confirms Uruguay's Suarez appeal, can train during ban

FIFA has confirmed Luis Suarez will be allowed to train with Liverpool during his suspension, while Uruguay have launched an appeal against the sanction.

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Luis Suarez

Suarez was banned from "all football activity" for biting Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay's World Cup match against Italy, and this was assumed to include training.

However Claudio Sulser, the head of FIFA's disciplinary committee, said in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, when asked if Suarez would be banned from training:

"No you can't limit those rights to the player, because it would be disproportionate."

Sulser went on to confirm that Uruguay have launched an appeal against the ban, which also rules Suarez out of their next eight international games, as they promised they would.

"This is still an ongoing case and an appeal has been filed, so I prefer not to give my opinion,” he added.

"When the committee was analysing this case, one thing I mentioned in my capacity as the chairman is we don't need to impose an exemplary sanction, we need to have justice and reached the sanction in a very severe case."


Barcelona are currently in talks with Liverpool over the transfer of Suarez, and Sulser also confirmed that the ban would not impede any potential transfer for the forward.

"The player cannot have any activity related to football, but a medical examination for a transfer yes - the sanction is not linked to transfer rights."

Sulser, who was at the Maracana to discuss disciplinary matters against discrimination and racism, was also asked why FIFA had handed down a ban that would penalise Liverpool.

"That's your opinion," he said. "It's a sanction against the player. That is the risk if you are a player and you are sanctioned at the World Cup.

"I agree with you it's a problem for Liverpool, but the sanction is in the disciplinary regulations."

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