Football - Frustration all round at Dingwall

The lights went out in the first Highland derby of the season between Ross County and Inverness at Global Energy Stadium.

PA Sport Report

There was floodlight failure at half-time and after a half-hour wait the lights failed to come on again, leaving match official John Beaton with no option but to abandon the match at 0-0.

Beaton said: "That's the first time I've abandoned a match, certainly at this level.

"The lights have obviously gone off and we've given it as long as we can.

"The first two occasions the lights went on immediately and then the third time it looked as if they were going to stay on. That was the last chance.

"The police had said if they (the lights) went again they couldn't really leave it any longer. Unfortunately that's been the case."

Beaton continued: "There were discussions with the police and there was an SPFL delegate at the match as well.

"The County officials were all involved as well. Ultimately it's the referee's decision and we came to an agreement that third time around we couldn't leave it any longer. Everyone understands that."

Caley Thistle boss Terry Butcher said: "We're disappointed because we were doing okay in the first half.

"After the first 10 minutes I thought we dominated the game without really creating chances or having a decent final ball.

He added: "I was looking forward to a good second half. The team talk was about doing the same and getting in behind them if we could and just being more ruthless in the final third."

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