Football - Garner gets red card

Preston midfielder Neil Kilkenny has won his appeal against the red card shown to him in the 2-0 victory at Port Vale, but the three-match suspension has been transferred to striker Joe Garner.

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League One - Preston take up Garner option

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Kilkenny was sent off after Garner clashed with Vale's Anthony Griffith and the Lilywhites appealed against the decision, believing the on-loan Bristol City man to be a victim of mistaken identity.

Simon Grayson's side also believe Garner's offence was not worthy of a red card and sent evidence to the FA, including a statement from Griffith claiming Garner did not hit him, but the forward will now miss the next three games after a panel decided to transfer the sending off on to him.

Preston released a statement saying: "The FA decision to ban Joe Garner is a complete shock given the evidence.

"The match referee and the assistant referee nearest to the incident say that they did not see anything. The assistant referee furthest away stated that he saw Neil Kilkenny commit an offence that he clearly did not commit. The Port Vale player involved in the incident put in writing that at no stage did Joe Garner strike him.

"We are therefore dumbfounded as to what basis the FA can decide to ban Joe Garner."

Grayson added: "We are hugely disappointed. We felt we had supplied sufficient evidence to think the decision would be overturned.

"I would like to thank Port Vale's Anthony Griffith for his co-operation in this manner, he has acted in a thoroughly professional manner, it's a shame the FA's panel were not willing to trust his word and come to a decision to clear Joe."

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