Football - Gazza reveals stars who saved him but admits he may drink again

Paul Gascoigne has named three current England stars who helped pay for his rehab but admits that he may drink again.

Football - Gascoigne pleads guilty to drunken assault

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Paul Gascoigne pictured in November 2012

The ex-England and Newcastle player is back in Britain after having spent more than a month at the clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, during which he was treated in intensive care.

Doctors said it was the worst detox they had ever seen when the shock of giving up alcohol sent his body into seizure.

In an interview with Alan Carr, to be broadcast on Friday night, Gascoigne revealed that ex-team-mate Gary Lineker chipped in for the treatment as well as three current star players.

"Gary Lineker, and a few who didn’t wanna be mentioned but they are gonna get mentioned – Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Jack Wilshere, so I’m going to thank them."

Gascoigne also had help from some of his celebrity friends.

"There was Alan Sugar – usually so tight he cries from one eye – there were a load of people, and Chris Evans was fantastic too he got the ball rolling.

"Anything left will be handed back to others who need help."

However, despite the treatment, Gascoigne admitted on the "Chatty Man" show that he "still misses a pint" and is unsure if he can stay on the wagon.

"Sometimes I think, when am I ever going to learn my lesson?" he said.

"I sometimes think I’ll be all right with one drink, but then I get too excited and when I’m drunk I’m a nightmare.

"I do miss a pint, don’t get me wrong.

"Who knows, I might drink in the future? Never say never. I don’t want to, and I don’t plan to.”

Alan Carr's show usually incorporates a drinks cabinet into the show, but all booze was removed from the studio before Gascoigne's appearance.

Gascoigne's latest spell in rehab came following a charity appearance in Northampton during which the star appeared unwell and was shaking, before breaking down and sobbing on stage in front of a room full of fans.

The world of football has shown its concern at the latest troubled period in the life of Gascoigne, one of England's most naturally gifted players ever.

Gascoigne, who has spoken about alcoholism problems in the past, was sectioned five years ago under the Mental Health Act.

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