Football - Green reveals McCoist meeting

Rangers chief executive Charles Green has held talks with Ally McCoist to assure the manager there was "never any possibility" of Craig Whyte returning to the club.

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Football - Green reveals McCoist meeting

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Charles Green has assured Ally McCoist Craig Whyte will not return to Rangers

The move comes after the former owner apparently claimed he was behind the original Ibrox newco.

Whyte has threatened legal action against Green and former Rangers director Imran Ahmad, demanding £1million a year for life or 25 per cent of Green's shares.

Whyte, whose own Rangers takeover remains the subject of a police inquiry, claims he was the main driver behind the Sevco 5088 company which purchased the assets and business of the oldco Rangers company he had put into administration.

Days later Green transferred the assets, which were bought for £5.5million in June last year, to a different company called Sevco Scotland which then became The Rangers Football Club.

Whyte's main argument appears to be that such a transfer was illegal and he remains the rightful owner of the club's assets.

Green released a statement last night in a bid to clarify the situation and has moved to explain things further this evening following talks with McCoist, who had asked the new owner for answers.

"I spoke with Ally McCoist today and we are agreed that, despite the wild and outlandish allegations tossed around by Craig Whyte, the one thing that matters most is the rebuilding of this club," Green said.

"I am totally committed to that and Ally is exactly the same. Neither of us will be deflected from our task. We share the same goal and we will be successful no matter who or what attempts to get in our way.

"I made it absolutely clear to Ally that there was never any possibility of Whyte returning to Ibrox and I also stressed that this man has no claim on any of the club's shares or assets."

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