Football - Lampard facing US fan backlash for 9/11 response shame

Frank Lampard has come underfire from furious American citizens after the New York Daily News having reminded its readers of his insensitive actions following 9/11.

MLS - Lampard completes New York move

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Frank Lampard is poised to complete a move to New York City FC (PA Sport)

The England and former Chelsea midfielder is expected to move to New York City in the coming days but his transfer could prove to be a difficult one after the paper’s report.

The New York Daily News is popular with fans of the MLS franchise and it retold the story of how Lampard was one of four Chelsea players who reportedly abused American tourists stranded at Heathrow in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

The headline in the paper (image below) read: “British soccer star poised to join NY team once mocked Americans after 9/11 attacks."

It went on to describe how the Chelsea star and his team-mates reportedly “drunkenly stripped, swore and vomited” in front of the upset group of Americans.

Predictably, the reaction to the report on fan forums from some has been one of anger and disgust.

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Headline in the New York Daily News (screenshot)

“He better be down there sweeping the grounds at 1WTC EVERY DAMN DAY, after he publicly apologises to every American for being a s***bag of highest order,” Midas Mulligan wrote.

“Maybe then, and only then, will I consider supporting him.”

“I will never respect him,” Yankeedom added. “If he issued an apology and made some sort of donation to a 9/11 charity, then I could forgive him but I will never support him; nor will I forget what he did.”

Some fans did back him though with one user on the Daily News called Mike Dean Johnson website saying: "Oh please. Yes it was insensitive but look at how Americans treat other Americans. Sandy Hook happens and people harass the parents saying their dead child is fake.The Boston Marathon was bombed and teen girls insist one of the terrorists is too pretty to be guilty. Soldier's get buried and groups protest it. Gays and lesbians try to marry and the government says they aren't allowed. This guy sounds like he'll fit right in."

As punishment, Chelsea fined Lampard at the time of the incident and the 36-year-old admitted afterwards that he regretted what happened.

The New York City club do not play competitively until March 2015 but he is expected to join officially this week before signing on for sister club Melbourne FC to maintain his fitness.

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