Football - Milne anger after veto

Aberdeen chairman Stewart Milne has accused St Mirren of putting Scottish football in danger after the Paisley club combined with Ross County to veto league reconstruction plans.

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Scottish Football - Gilmour: Vote against league reconstruction plans 'right'

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St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour and Ross County voted against league reconstruction plans

An angry Milne hit out at Saints counterpart Stewart Gilmour after the Scottish Premier League failed to secure the 11-1 vote necessary to send the plan to the Scottish Football League.

The vote killed off a package that would have seen a merged 12-12-18 structure with extended play-offs, more equitable distribution of central income and a pyramid system allowing promotion from the non-league ranks.

Gilmour, who was on the SPL steering committee that came up with the plan, agreed in principle with the SFL in January, was first to leave Hampden after about four hours of talks. The St Mirren chairman made no comment but his colleague from Aberdeen soon emerged to unleash his disgust.

St Mirren and County had both expressed concerns with the plan to split the top two leagues into three divisions of eight after 22 games - a scheme the SPL believed would generate extra income from television and sponsors but that the objectors feared could damage season ticket income.

Gilmour had also made it clear he was opposed to the retention of the 11-1 voting structure for protected issues, such as limits on the number of televised home games for each club.

However, Gilmour and County chairman Roy MacGregor rejected a compromise deal offering to change the democratic system for future league structure changes to 9-3 - a decision that left Milne fuming, and he said: "This is going to have major implications for Scottish football - it's going to potentially seriously damage the game in the long term.

"I'm very angry because I think today we have let down Scottish football. St Mirren Football Club have really got to pose themselves the question: why are they prepared to put the rest of Scottish football in jeopardy just because of their own selfish interests?

"This is a massive opportunity that has been blown, particularly on the whims of an individual. In that room, we've got to be in there with the interests of our club but we've got a wider responsibility for the SPL as an organisation and also wider Scottish football.

"None of that was displayed by Stewart Gilmour and St Mirren Football Club."

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