Premier League - Managers: Chelsea title bid over - Mourinho

Managerial reaction from Saturday's matches as Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho concedes defeat in the Premier League title race following the 1-0 loss at Crystal Palace.

Champions League - Atletico looking to land another blow to Mourinho

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Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United 4-1 Aston Villa

David Moyes: "The support inside Old Trafford has been terrific and if ever there was a show of support for their football club and for their team, it was today. Inside Old Trafford it was terrific, it really was. I just wanted everybody to know that I am the manager of the club and you know where I am. I stand on the edge of the pitch every week. That's my job.

"We didn't get off to a great start after 10 or 15 minutes but I thought we did a good job today. I thought the players played well, and did a lot of good things. We scored some good goals which we have not done in a lot of games here. I thought the fourth goal was (an) especially good goal."

Paul Lambert: "There was never three goals between us. We started the game great, and Westwood scored a great free-kick.

"We were comfortable at 1-0 and Manchester United were not creating too much. I can't be too critical of Christian [Benteke] because he has scored some vital goals in the last 18 months and will continue to do so.".

Crystal Palace 1-0 Chelsea

David Kempy [Tony Pulis' assistant]: "Our players have put in a magnificent effort. They've been rightly rewarded and for him to recognise their effort I thought was very good. Jose [Mourinho] came and congratulated our players. I thought that was very classy.

"The finishing didn't match some of the rest of the play, but that's been our problem for a while. Fortunately one was enough and we're very pleased with it. If we could stick the ball in the net to back it up it could've been a bit more comfortable."

Jose Mourinho: "We depend too much on other results. When you depend a little it's possible, when you depend a lot, I don't think it's possible. We depend now too much. I don't think now we can win the league. My four defenders, phenomenal performance, as always. The others I'd prefer not to analyse individually. We missed some qualities. Mentality and a little bit of quality. Mentality because the opponents beat us clearly on that. Strong mentality, aggressive, committed. Every one of them played, I think, at the top of their potential and that, in football, is important.

"Clearly we have some players, because of their profile, who find it difficult to perform in some profile of matches. You have Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill and Azpilicueta and they perform in the sun, in the rain, small pitches, big pitches, aggressive teams, non-aggressive teams, possession teams, not possession teams and they perform every game from day one to the last day. And you have other players who are fantastic in some matches and disappear in other matches."

Southampton 4-0 Newcastle

Mauricio Pochettino: "I am very happy. The performance was amazing. I am very happy for the players and very happy for the supporters. We had an amazing performance and not just the final result but the way that we played was outstanding. It is very true that there have been games in the past where we have played very well but the final result has not showed that. That did not happen this time.

"It's clear that for the three English players [Jay Rodriguez, Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana] that we have here at Southampton it is very good to maintain those high standards they have shown over the season. It's only going to increase their chances of going to Brazil so it's very good for them."

Alan Pardew: "The difference in energy levels between the two teams was marked, I thought. The emphasis of the game was never changed because of the threat. We've got to threaten the game more than we did. If you don't threaten the opposition then they're going to keep coming and that's what Southampton did.

"It was a great day for them. I thought they played very well, made it very difficult for us. That's a performance that we need to make sure never happens again. It was our lack of energy, wherever you were sitting in the stadium, that looked a problem."

Stoke 1-0 Hull

Mark Hughes: "We are pleased with what he [Peter Odemwingie] is producing. He wasn't a risk really because he is an accomplished Premier League player and has scored goals at this level.

"We knew what we were getting, but you always hope the period of coming to a new club and settling down is short, and in fairness to Peter he has come in and seamlessly picked up some outstanding form. I think that comes with being happy in his environment and with the players that surround him, and we are reaping the benefits."

Steve Bruce: "The one thing you can't eradicate is mistakes and unfortunately Elmo [Ahmed Elmohamady] has made a horrible one which he regrets and has cost us the game. That is a couple now - an own goal in midweek (in the 2-1 loss at West Ham) and one today.

"We have prided ourselves on being difficult to play against and beat - that has got us into the situation we are in at the moment. But unfortunately, if you make mistakes at this level... sometimes you get away with it in the Championship, where we were last year, but with Odemwingie - he still has a bit to do and it is a great finish, but we have gifted them something, when they never looked like breaking us down and we arguably had the best chances in the game."

Swansea 3-0 Norwich

Garry Monk: "He [Jonathan de Guzman] epitomised everything that was good about us today - his movement, his desire to get the ball back when we lost it. "It would be an important signing for the club, but you obviously have to speak to the player and see how he feels as well.

"For me, it was great for the crowd to see [Wilfried Bony's impact]. That's why I brought him off a couple of minutes before (the end), because I thought he needed to feel that appreciation from the crowd for his performance. I thought he was magnificent, but I know what he's like. He'll be disappointed he came off with a minute or two minutes to go, because he wants to get that goal himself - that's the way he is.

Chris Hughton: "We find it very difficult away from home just to get that right formula. In a game when you're up against a team that's as good a passing team as Swansea are, you can't give them the amount of ball we gave them. I thought we conceded three soft goals.

"They showed great quality with what they have and real pace to get those goals, but it's that balancing act at the moment. If we're not good enough on the ball we've got to make sure we're not conceding goals and at the moment, away from home, we're not doing either."

West Brom 3-3 Cardiff

Pepe Mel: "I don't understand - four minutes are four minutes. Apparently an extra minute was played because we scored the goal, but there is no point talking to the referee because it can't be solved. We made the wrong decision when we were 3-2 up with 30 seconds to go and that should have been the end of it.

"The changing room is quite bad but they will see tomorrow that we played a good game and the result should have been a better one for us. Simply by showing the players the video of the first half, and showing them how well they played, they will be able to see how capable they are of playing well."

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "I'm so happy for the players and fans that we got the goal we deserved because we did not deserve to lose that game - absolutely no chance. We have had a couple of kicks in the teeth lately but we got the luck we don't feel we have had. We have deserved more points from the performances we have had and finally we got the other side of it.

"We started really, really badly - I have never seen us so pedestrian. We might as well have just sat in with the fans, then maybe we would have woken up quicker. But the reaction was magnificent and it says it all about the team and the supporters who sucked the ball in for us."

Arsenal 1-1 Manchester City

Arsene Wenger: "We were a bit nervy at the start, insecure in our attitude by our last two results, but when even we when we were 1-0 down you could see the team was ready for a fight. We controlled the second half, we controlled the first 20 minutes and overall in the first half maybe they had another chance, in the second half we had a second chance. We could have won it in the second half, but overall it was a game of quality between two good teams and the game was played with a great spirit on both sides.

"Chelsea lost at Crystal Palace, so that means all of us have to be careful and consistent. It just shows that we have absolutely to fight until the end of the season because everybody can beat everybody. Mathematically we are still in there, but it is not in our hands. We have to look above us and behind us as well, because behind us they are coming as well."

Manuel Pellegrini: "Four points from Manchester United and Arsenal when both games were away is a good week for us. Of course we could be more happy if we won today - and we had, especially in the first half, the chances to do it. Arsenal had a better second half, but no chances to score apart from the goal.

"The four teams have chances in the future to win the title, and four teams will drop points between now and the end of the season. It is always difficult at the end of the season because there are a lot of teams in relegation positions who fight for every point. Ask Chelsea what can happen away. We must just continue thinking about the next game. It is very difficult for me to know what will happen in the future. What I know is that if we win our matches it will just depend on what we can do."

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