Football - New racism ban rule would remove 'Terry/Suarez' inconsistencies

UEFA's decision to bring in a minimum 10-match ban for players found guilty of racism will avoid the inconsistencies seen in the John Terry and Luis Suarez cases, campaigners have claimed.

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Football - New racism ban rule would remove 'Terry/Suarez' inconsistencies

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Gianni Infantino confirmed that UEFA is to double its minimum sanction to 10 games for players found guilty of racism

UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino confirmed the European body is to double its minimum sanction to 10 games from next season and that all national associations will be asked to follow suit. In the two high-profile cases of racist abuse by players in England, Terry was banned for four matches and Suarez for eight games.

European anti-discrimination body FARE's executive director Piara Powar said: "In England we had a big furore with Terry and Suarez and the management of both of those cases. If UEFA say this for us is the standard sanction and we expect the national associations to follow suit it takes out all of the issues with Suarez supposedly getting a longer sanction because he's a foreigner and Terry supposedly getting a lesser sanction because he's England captain."

Powar added: "We are also in talks with UEFA about an additional sanction of a mandatory demonstration by the guilty club to show what they are doing in terms of education."

Asked about the Terry and Suarez sanctions not being severe enough, Infantino told reporters: "We are saying that it should be 10 matches - it has been five matches and we will double it.

"We will also submit to the whole of UEFA's member associations asking that all our members employ the same measures as well at national level. The fight against racism is something that's very serious and we have to make sure that there is correct action and not just words."

The UEFA chief also said there would be partial closure of stadiums for a first incident of racist abuse by fans and a full closure for a second offence.

Infantino added: "If supporters at a club are found guilty of racist abuse the first sanction will be a partial closure of the part of the stadium from which the racist abuse took place.

"For a second offence there will be the full closure and a minimum fine of 50,000 euros."

The FA said its sanctions for racism were currently being reviewed, and an FA statement said: "We welcome UEFA's comments and look forward to seeing how these proposals take shape over the coming weeks. We remain committed to tackling all forms of discrimination including racism."

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