Premier League - Poyet keen to start rebuilding

Sunderland boss Gus Poyet is hoping to make an early start on his January rebuilding mission after holding positive talks over the club's transfer policy.

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Gus Poyet (PA Sport)

Less than three months after predecessor Paolo Di Canio, in conjunction with director of football Roberto De Fanti, completed a summer shopping mission which resulted in a staggering 14 signings, his replacement is ready to head into the market once again to address the deficiencies of the squad he inherited.

Poyet met De Fanti last week to present him with a report detailing his analysis of the current playing staff and to draw up a plan of attack.

The Uruguayan revealed targets have already been identified and he is hoping the Italian can implement their strategy as soon as possible.

Poyet said: "We had a very good meeting at the end of last week. Everything is rolling, we can say.

"We analysed my report on the players we have got here and what I think is needed. We have seen a few players, depending in what is needed. I am trying to be smart and not give too much away, but it is not easy.

"I liked a few, I didn't like others. We set up targets and we want to increase the viewing and the contact with the players and the clubs as well.

"The idea is to start moving. The sooner we move, the better for me because the sooner you get a player, the better.

"Quantity - it's not going to be many, but a number I cannot tell you because it's impossible."

Di Canio, of course, lasted only two games after the closure of the summer window and left with the club in disarray.

He has since disassociated himself from that particular influx of players, as well as much else of what went wrong during his brief but eventful spell on Wearside, and suggested many of those brought in were not the ones he wanted.

However, Poyet insists he has no qualms about working with a director of football.

He said: "Why do you think they talk, because it exists everywhere in the world? For me, it's not new, it's everywhere.

"Here, you are not used to it, fine. It depends who you are and how you manage it. Me, so far, I have no problems.

"I am used to that. I have seen it during my seven years in Spain, I have seen at Spurs when I was a coach and I have seen it here, so it's no different.

"The connection and the communication have been great. Now the best way for everything is to wait until the transfer window and see what we do and how we do it, and then you analyse.

"If it's good, fine, and if not you need to sort it out. But right now it's been normal, I would say. Normal is good, yes?"

However, asked who would have the final say over Sunderland's future signings, Poyet admitted it was not as straightforward as that.

He said: "If you ask me now which player would we like to have, well after this week, [Cristiano] Ronaldo. Can we have him? No.

"That means I don't have the final say. It's stupid saying that, so then you need to say, 'Okay, if it's not Ronaldo, who is next? Who do you want?' and then you go for a number of positions and players.

"Then at the end of the day you have to agree, it's a simple as that."

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