Football - Pulis reminds Stoke fans of legacy

Stoke manager Tony Pulis heads into the summer break with a reminder to his critics of the legacy he has created at the club.

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Pulis has endured a rough ride these past few months before Stoke's Barclays Premier League status for a sixth successive season was assured on Tuesday as Wigan's defeat at Arsenal condemned the Latics to the final relegation place.

For the players, aside from the prospect of finishing in the top 10 for the first time since their promotion in 2008, the pressure is off going into the final game at Southampton.

For Pulis, doubts still remain as to his future which is likely to be discussed next week with chairman Peter Coates, with the Welshman using such phrases as "I hope to be here" and "I want to be here" when it comes to extending his tenure.

So with Stoke safe, Pulis has decided now is the time to refresh the short-term memories of those who appear to have forgotten the state of the club when he first arrived.

Initially, that was in 2002 for a three-year spell before taking up the reins again in 2006 after a season at Plymouth and upon Coates taking over as owner.

"Six years ago this club was promoted. If we hadn't obtained Premier League football then we wouldn't have all of this," said Pulis, referring to the overall infrastructure these days at Stoke.

"Getting there and staying there has been the greatest achievement at this football club. It has given us the opportunity to build a club now unrecognisable in every way shape and form in respect of what I left and what I came back to. So we've a little bit of a legacy at this place that started when we walked back through the door seven years ago.

"I can remember us reporting at the stadium, getting changed in the dressing rooms and then coming down here (Clayton Woods training ground) and training, and there were four cars in the car park and a few dogs running around.

"You go down to the car park now and you've a thousand cars down there. It has changed and grown from top to bottom. The football club is a completely different organisation compared to what it was seven or eight years ago."

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