Football - Rosler needs time

Uwe Rosler accepts it may take until February for his Wigan squad to feel completely comfortable with the footballing philosophy he wants to promote.

PA Sport Report

Latics' new manager got off to a winning start on Sunday when they held off a Bolton fightback to win 3-2, yet an animated Rosler was frequently seen barking orders at his men to continue pressing in an energetic fashion up the pitch.

They matched their manager's enthusiasm in the first half an hour and the results were evident as they raced in to a 2-0 lead. However, they tailed off somewhat and Rosler is concious of the fact his style demands the ultimate fitness levels and does not expect an overnight transformation.

"Every manager has their own way of playing football," the former Manchester City striker said.

"Some managers like to let the opposition have it, play deep and play on the counter, some managers like to stay high and press. I'm a manager that wants to win the ball high up the field, who wants to have a short way to the opposition goal, who wants to create a lot of attempts and I want to have a back four that stays high up

"To play that type of football you need the right type of players but also in general a very high energy level throughout the whole team. That is what we're looking into.

"We will work hard but over Christmas we can't work hard on the training field because there is no time, there is just matches and recovering, then maintaining and playing.

"In January and February, when there are more empty weeks, then we will work intensively on our style of play with the ball and without the ball."

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