World Football - Lack of discipline could cost Malaysian players

Poor discipline could hit players in their pockets in the new Malaysian Super League season after Terengganu state's association said it would not waste money on underperforming players at two top flight teams.

World Football - Lack of discipline could cost Malaysian players

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Frustrated at a lack of success despite pumping money into Terengganu and T-Team, the state's FA has introduced a bill aimed at ensuring players maintain discipline.

"I will not tolerate players who are not disciplined because the state government invests a lot of money to run both teams," said Terengganu chief minister Seri Ahmad Said of Terengganu and T-Team, who have signed former Dutch international George Boateng and ex-Ireland striker Caleb Folan.

"We are worried that undisciplined players may derail our hope of winning at least one trophy this year, just like what happened last season," he told reporters after the teams' players had signed their contracts.

English coach Peter Butler was banned for six months - triggering his dismissal - last year from his role as Terengganu boss for speaking to the media after he disciplined two players who confessed to breaking a curfew before a league match.

Butler eventually won an appeal against the decision and will coach T-Team in the new season, which begins next week.

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