Serie A - Tribunal finds no proof Juve's Pogba racially insulted

Italy's sporting tribunal has been unable to find proof that Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba was racially insulted by Torino's Riccardo Meggiorini during a bad-tempered derby last week.

Serie A - Tribunal finds no proof Juve's Pogba racially insulted

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2012-2013 Serie A Juventus-Torino Pogba

Sporting judge Gianpaolo Tosel ruled on Wednesday there will be no sanction against Meggiorini because the evidence from other players was contradictory and, while insults were traded, he could not be sure they had a racist element.

"The huge amount of evidence gathered does not allow me to make a certain judgement, beyond all reasonable doubt, regarding any racist connotations of the insult allegedly directed by Meggiorini towards Pogba," said Tosel in his report.

The alleged incident happened just before halftime in the Serie A match on April 28, which Juventus won 2-0.

Tosel said it was clear the two players traded insults and the atmosphere was still heated when they went in at halftime.

But he said he could not be clear of "the nature of the exact words directed by Meggiorini to Pogba".

He added that the referee, although close, did not hear the exact words because of the noise in the stadium and the sound of other players joining in the shouting.

"Because a judgement of blame cannot be founded on evidence which allows the hypothesis, even marginally, of an alternative possibility (the sporting judge) has decided to not adopt any sanctions," said the report.

Meggiorini said immediately after the game that he had aimed a "normal insult" at the 20-year-old French player.

"Pogba should not go running and crying if someone says something to him," he added at the time.

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