Football - Vinnie Jones reveals cancer battle

Former footballer Vinnie Jones has revealed that he is undergoing treatment for skin cancer, along with his wife.

Football - Vinnie Jones reveals cancer battle

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Vinnie Jones (Reuters)

Jones, 48, told the Sunday Sun that he noticed a lump below his eye in February and tests revealed that it was melanoma.

Doctors have since removed several more tumours but the former Wimbledon player has said that he will fight the disease “with everything I got”.

"When the doctor said I had skin cancer, the first thing I thought was 'how long have I got?'" he told the newspaper.

"It's weighing very heavily on me all the time."

His wife Tanya, 47, has also had a number of growths diagnosed and it is thought that her condition could be a side effect of the drugs she has been taking following a heart transplant 26 years ago.

Jones was renowned for his combative attitude on the pitch, an attitude he will use to fight the disease.

"Cancer is a horrible word to hear. It frightens the life out of you," he added.

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"I've faced the biggest and ugliest lads on the football field and been in some nasty bar brawls. But this is my toughest and scariest opponent yet."

Jones blames a predominant outdoor lifestyle for the cancer and had a warning for youngsters playing the sport in which he made his name.

"Footballers never put on sunblock and they should all be wearing it," he said. "Kids should all be wearing it every time they play sport."

"If you spot something on your skin that doesn't feel right... get it checked out immediately."

Jones made his name in Wimbledon’s infamous 'crazy gang' before going on to play for Chelsea, Leeds United and QPR.

After retiring he moved into acting with prominent roles in Hollywood films including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and X-Men.

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