Footy McFooty Face or Bad Hombres? Fans vote for San Diego's MLS team name

Maybe it's not such a good idea to allow fans vote for a team's name, especially when you're hoping to join MLS!

SoccerCity SD, a group led by U.S. soccer legend Landon Donovan, has asked supporters of the project to choose from 100 potential names on an online poll.

Donovan retires for real this time

Donovan and Co., who are looking to bring MLS to San Diego,have narrowed the list down to 20 potential names, with 'Footy McFooty Face' leading the way.

Yes, the San Diego Footy McFooty Face may be playing against your favorite club one day...

In second place,is the respectable and realistic name,'San Diego Surf.' Rounding out the top three is none other than the 'Bad Hombres,' thanks to President Trump's use of the phrase.

Then there are the basic, or shall we say boring, names like San Diego Football Club, San Diego Soccer Club and Athletic Club San Diego.

When it's all said and done, we can all assume the name won't actually be the Footy McFooty Face, but at least Soccer City SD brought attention to their ambitions of joining MLS.

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