Former Arsenal defender Gallas predicts Ronaldo’s next club when he leaves Man Utd

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William Gallas talks about Man Utd Credit: Alamy
William Gallas talks about Man Utd Credit: Alamy

William Gallas thinks there is a good chance Cristiano Ronaldo could end up at Chelsea when he leaves Man Utd after the World Cup.

The Portugal international has caused a major stir this week after an explosive interview with Piers Morgan was aired on Talk TV, with the final part still to come on Thursday night.

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By criticising the club and management it appears like an attempt to force a move away from the club with little chance of him playing for Man Utd again.

And Gallas thinks he could go to Chelsea – who reportedly show a little interest in the summer – when Ronaldo departs Old Trafford.

Gallas told Genting Casino: “I think that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United after the World Cup. I won’t be surprised to see him go to Chelsea either. He was honest and spoke from the heart and I think everybody is a little bit surprised by what has happened to him at United this season.”

Former Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea defender Gallas feels for Ronaldo as he can relate to the wantaway Man Utd striker.

Gallas added: “I was in a similar situation when I was playing for Tottenham under Andre Villas-Boas. I was the captain and I played all the games for the first part of the season.

“Then I got injured just before Christmas, but when I recovered, I had a conversation with him because his attitude had changed with me. I told him to be honest with me about my playing time.

“I said to him ‘if you don’t need me, please can you let me go’. I had the opportunity to leave Tottenham in the January 2013 window and join a club where I would play every week. I was 36 at the time.

“I knew Villas-Boas from Chelsea, so I just wanted him to be honest with me because at my age, at any age, you don’t want to be on the bench. At the beginning he told me ‘don’t worry, you will play’.

“I didn’t play in any of the Premier League games, I only played in the Europa League. There was a match against Arsenal at home, I was on the bench, I didn’t make any fuss or complaint, and in the last seconds of the game, he put me on.

“That was really hard. I felt like he didn’t respect me. There were other defenders he could have brought onto the field. It was so hard.”

Gallas continued by hitting out at Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag and his treatment of Ronaldo, he said: “Ten Hag never played at the top level as a player, so he doesn’t understand how Ronaldo is feeling.

“Carlo Ancelotti would never do something like this with one of his older players because he understands how Ronaldo is feeling and what he is thinking as a player in this situation because he would have experienced it himself.”

And Gallas is still backing Ronaldo to shine at the World Cup, which starts on Sunday, he said: “I hope that he can show the world that he is one of the game’s greatest players and that he will go out with a bang, but it will be difficult. When you look at his performances, everyone knows him as a goal scorer, but he isn’t scoring goals at the moment.

“Because of what he has done in his career, he is judged on his goals and we can all see that he is getting older. I think he will do everything in his power to have a great World Cup, but he can’t all of a sudden become the player he was at Real Madrid and sometimes players have to accept this.”

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