Former boyband star announces Norway’s Eurovision votes

Former boyband member and Eurovision contestant Ben Adams appeared in this year’s contest final to announce the jury votes from Norway.

Adams, who was a member of boyband A1 in the early 2000s, represented Norway at the contest last year as part of the band Subwoolfer.

For the 2022 performance he wore a yellow wolf’s head, as space wolf Keith, and sang Give That Wolf A Banana.

This year he was seen on screen as the Norway’s spokesman to announce the jury votes.

He was not wearing his wolf alter ego mask but had it by his side as he greeted hosts Hannah Waddingham and Graham Norton.

He said: “This is Ben Adams, aka Keith from Subwoolfer.

“Thanks for an amazing show tonight. Great to see Eurovision uniting Europe once again, albeit with a few less bananas and space wolves this time around.

“Maybe next year. Or maybe not.”

Adams announced the country’s 12 points would go to Finland, whose entrant Kaarija sang Cha Cha Cha.