Former Braves owner Bill Bartholomay dies at the age of 91


Bill Bartholomay, who moved the Braves from Milwaukee to Atlanta 54 years ago, died at the age of 91 on Wednesday.

Bartholomay was part of a group that purchased the Braves in 1962 and relocated the team from Milwaukee to Atlanta prior to the 1966 season.

He sold the franchise to Ted Turner in 1976, but continued to serve as the team's chairman and was given the title of Chairman Emeritus in 2003, having been inducted into the Braves' Hall of Fame the previous year.

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The news was confirmed by the Braves on Thursday, with a team press release stating: "There is baseball in Atlanta today because of Bill Bartholomay."

"Affectionately known as 'Mr. B.', Bartholomay was instrumental in bringing people together and fostering diversity while helping shape Atlanta as a major city in the south when he relocated the Braves from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966.

"His warmth and grace were felt equally by Presidents, MLB Commissioners, business titans, Braves players and fans."

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