Former Disney and Nickelodeon stars really like their strippers on 'This Week in Game Shows'

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On Celebrity Family Feud, Chris Massey and Kyle Massey may be best known for their roles on Nickelodeon and Disney respectively, but there’s more than enough reason to believe they’ve moved on from kids shows.

Chris used to play Michael Barrett on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, while Kyle played Corey Baxter on the Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven. Playing Fast Money, Chris went first, and when asked to “Name someone who slides down a pole,” Chris excitedly answered, “Strippers.” Next, when Kyle was asked to do the same, he quickly and excitedly gave the same answer as Chris.

On $100,000 Pyramid, one contestant has apparently avoided all forms of media since 2015. While giving Frasier’s Peri Gilpin clues for the answer to “What Caitlyn Jenner Might Say,” he didn’t seem to know who Caitlyn Jenner is, instead confusing her with one of her famous daughters.

And back on Celebrity Family Feud, country singer Lee Brice’s cousin, Felicia, gave an answer that a lot of people would be thinking but might not want to admit.

Steve Harvey gave the clue “You’d hate to wake up and find your dog licking your what?”

Felicia responded, “Well, I don’t have these, but balls.”

And of course, a version of that was on the board.

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