Former England star Ebony Rainford-Brent shares abhorrent racist letter sent to her home

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As cricket faces its reckoning on race, a chilling reminder of how far there is to go emerged when Ebony Rainford-Brent posted a picture on social media of an abhorrent letter she had received in the post.

Rainford-Brent was born in south London and went on to become the first black woman to play cricket for England.

Since retiring, she has become a respected commentator and pundit, been Surrey’s director of women’s cricket and founded the ACE (African-Caribbean Engagement) Programme, which is introducing young children to the game in cities across England.

Rainford-Brent posted the photo of a handwritten letter on Wednesday night, having spent the day at an ACE board meeting and event.

The letter read: “White cricket culture is white culture you racist B***h! Who invited you to my country? Go B***h go!! White culture is wiping your a**e with white toilet paper!!!

“We found you NAKED in Africa Ebony! NAKED, illiterate, primitive! Yes primitive Ebony!!

“Leave our country B***h! Leave now! Go! Go Today!”

Rainford-Brent added the caption: “Born in south London but apparently I was found naked in Africa as a primitive. Had some letters in my time, but this one up there!”

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