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Former ‘Gilmore Girls’ costumer is dishing a ton of dirt on the show, and fans are eating it up

Gilmore Girls may have aired its final episode in 2007, but thanks to the power of TikTok, Gen Z is just now discovering the CW series. And so far, they’re loving it.

Aside from the many fall-themed GG clips that are currently going viral on the platform, fans are also going crazy for a TikTok series from Valerie Campbell (@valeriescateyescream), a former show staffer who’s been sharing behind-the-scenes stories for months.

According to Campbell, she worked as the key set costumer on the original series, as well as the costume supervisor on the 2016 Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life.

Because of this, she has some rare insight into many of the characters, storylines and unanswered questions that fans still wonder about.

Who is the father of Rory’s baby?

Campbell answered one of the show’s biggest mysteries — the father of Rory’s baby — in a stitch posted back in March that now has well over 1.1 million views.

In the clip, Campbell says she thought it was “obvious” that Logan is the father of Rory’s baby based on the timeline of events and Rory’s wardrobe throughout A Year in the Life.

But instead, the open-ended plotline actually led to a ton of speculation and some pretty wild fan theories.

“For me, there was never a question as to the paternity,” Campbell told earlier this year. “We were never told that Rory’s character was pregnant. The moment I heard the final four words, there was only one choice.”

Why did Rory REALLY choose Yale over Harvard?

In a more recent TikTok, Campbell debunked the rumor that the show’s writers only sent Rory to Yale because Harvard wouldn’t allow the crew to film on campus.

“Honestly, I don’t remember why we switched, but I don’t think it was related to Harvard,” Campbell said in the video. “My guess is that we thought it made for interesting storytelling. Rory and Lorelei had this plan for years, and then, just when it’s about to become a reality, Rory essentially chooses Richard and Emily’s side by picking Yale.”

Why Lorelai’s house makes no sense

Campbell even comes clean about various show inconsistencies that eagle-eyed viewers have called out — like the confusing layout of Lorelei’s house.

“The piano that turns into an archway, the stairs that magically appear and reappear within the first episode, the backdoor that exits magically in the same place that the side door exits. These are just a few of my favorite things,” Campbell says in one TikTok.

Apparently, this wasn’t done to intentionally confuse people.

Originally shot in Ontario, Canada, the pilot had filmed Lorelei’s home in a real house. Campbell claims that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to shoot the rest of the series in Los Angeles. But in order to move the show, Sherman-Palladino had to make certain concessions — like shooting Lorelei’s home on a sound stage instead of on location.

At the same time, new scenes had to be shot so the pilot could fit into the time slot and budget constraints meant that Lorelei’s original home couldn’t be replicated room-for-room. Ultimately, that meant that footage from the original unaired pilot had to be woven into the newly shot scenes for the first episode, and not all of it fit seamlessly together.

‘I love that you share all of this with us’

Since she first started sharing her behind-the-scenes knowledge, Campbell has amassed more than 79,000 followers.

Now, the successful costumer regularly answers questions left by commenters and often breaks down certain industry terms and practices for curious fans.

As a result, Gilmore Girls fans — both new and old — can’t seem to get enough of her videos.

“I’m watching this show for the first time literally right now,” commented @lanaxparrillaxwife on one of Campbell’s TikToks.

“I love that you share all of this with us,” wrote @summergirl_1995 on another video.

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