A Former McDonald's Chef Spilled The Tea On Its Burgers And Fries

McDonald's burger and fries
McDonald's burger and fries - Popartic/Getty Images

Fans and critics of McDonald's often take to social media to inquire about the mysterious origins and ingredients present in the massive fast food chain's menu items, with many wondering what addictive chemical properties are contained within the chain's burgers and fries. Thankfully, courtesy of former McDonald's chef Mike Haracz on TikTok, we're finally getting the inside scoop on the largest fast food chain in the world.

Haracz often takes to the video platform to share interesting behind-the-scenes stories about the work, culture, and history behind McDonald's, as well as the many menu items the chain has discontinued, such as all dark meat chicken nuggets and the fan-favorite snack wrap. In a recent post to the social media app, Haracz explained that the secret behind the McDonald's all-beef patties is ... that they really are made with 100% beef, sourced from the open market, and pressed into patties in processing facilities. The beef is seasoned using only salt and pepper, which Haracz encourages anyone to double check by inspecting the ingredients listed by the official McDonald's website, which is legally obligated to comply with FDA standards regarding what ingredients are present in the food.

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But Are There Any Secret Ingredients In McDonald's Fries?

McDonald's fries
McDonald's fries - Junce/Getty Images

With the truth revealed, many TikTokers questioned if the so-called "secret ingredient" that makes fast food so addictive can be traced to the McDonald's french fries. Unfortunately for those searching for answers, Mike Haracz had a counter for this as well, explaining that McDonald's fries are truly made using whole Russet Burbank potatoes, rigorously vetted to meet the chain's quality standards and cut using a potato cannon that fires the spuds at incredible speeds.

Some TikTok users were not satisfied with these PR friendly responses and opted to find other sources for hidden ingredients within the McDonald's menu. One commenter queried "what about the chi mcnuggs [ingredients?]" while another claimed "it's not the beef guys. It's the bread. The buns are sweetened." No matter the case, it seems that Mike Haracz, who has seen the McDonald's process from beginning to end firsthand, has successfully debunked claims that the chain uses strange additives and ingredients, such as sawdust or sand, which one commenter claimed to have heard through the grapevine.

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