Former Philadelphia police officer again facing charges in motorist's shooting death

Oct. 25 (UPI) -- A Philadelphia judge on Wednesday reinstated murder charges against former police officer Mark Dial in connection with the August shooting death of motorist Eddie Irizarry.

The district attorney's office has refiled charges against Dial after all charges were dropped initially. Common Pleas Judge Lillian Ransom said there were still "sufficient questions of facts" that needed to be decided by a jury. Some of the other charges include voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault.

Dial shot Irizarry five times through a closed car window during a traffic stop. Authorities said they believed Irizarry was armed, but he did not have a firearm in the vehicle. Only two knives were found.

Municipal Court Judge Wendy Pew had earlier stunned prosecutors and Irizarry's family by dismissing all charges against the police officer, sparking social justice rallies throughout the city. Pew said at the time the officers believed their lives were in danger.

The officer's video showed Dial announcing his intention to shoot Irizarry and never retreating to take cover behind his patrol car. He instead shot Irizarry five times through the closed window of his locked car door.

Officers said in court papers that they initially started following Irizarry when he started driving erratically. Following what they described as a "car chase," Irizarry parked on East Willard Street and remained in his vehicle.

The video showed that officers gave Irizarry only seconds to comply with their demands before Dial fired his shots into the vehicle.