Formula 1 - Allison will remain with Lotus - Boullier

Lotus technical director James Allison will remain with the team in 2013 despite being linked with a move to McLaren, according to team principal Eric Boullier.


AUTOSPORT understands that Allison was approached by McLaren as a potential replacement for Paddy Lowe, were he to move to Mercedes, and that the highly-rated Lotus man has also been sounded out by Mercedes and Ferrari.

But regardless of what moves happen elsewhere, Boullier is sure Allison is committed to Lotus.

"It's up to him, but my understanding is that definitely in 2013 he will be with us," Boullier told AUTOSPORT.

"He has a management style that maybe some other teams would like to copy and has obviously brought a lot to the team.

"A lot of people here trust him, me first of them because I was very actively working on making his job position secure within this team.

"I have a lot of trust in him and everybody does because he's a good communicator, a good co-ordinator, has very good technical skills and a good vision. He is very important in the organisation."

Sources indicate that Allison was happy to remain at Lotus provided he was certain that the team would have the development budget needed to challenge for the top three.

"I see no reason why it shouldn't be," Allison told AUTOSPORT when asked if he was confident that the resource he had was sufficient for the team to achieve its goals.

"The agreed budgets for this year are technically greater than last year so as long as we deliver a good car, there's no reason why not."

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