Formula 1 - Alonso concedes victory very unlikely

Fernando Alonso reckons he will have to just try to beat his title rivals in the Monaco Grand Prix, as he doubts he can win the race from sixth on the grid.


As Mercedes took another front row lockout, Alonso found himself back on row three, with championship opponents Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen third and fifth, split by Mark Webber.

"I think it's going to be difficult tomorrow," Alonso admitted.

"It's not the best qualifying position if you want to fight for the race win.

"Nothing is impossible in Formula 1, but it's going to be very unlikely that we'll fight for the victory tomorrow."

Alonso is currently third in the standings, 17 points behind Vettel and 13 down on Raikkonen.

"The second main target is to finish in front of our competitors in the championship, so Kimi and Sebastian, and this is perhaps possible," he added.

"I start on the same row as Kimi and Sebastian is just one row ahead, so with a good start and good strategy we can do it."

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