Formula 1 - Alonso: Tyre gamble was our only hope

Fernando Alonso said Ferrari had to try something different in Indian Grand Prix qualifying to have a hope of gaining ground in the race.


The Spaniard qualified eighth, but was one of four drivers to use the harder compound Pirellis in Q3, along with Red Bull's Mark Webber and the McLarens of Sergio Perez and Jenson Button.

With team-mate Felipe Massa fifth on the softer tyre after Ferrari split its drivers' strategies, Alonso reckons its decision could pay off in a race he thinks will ultimately be decided by the durability of the softer tyre.

"I'm happy with my strategy," he said. "The best decision from the team was to put one car on one strategy and one car on another.

"At some point in the race we need to put the soft tyre on as well and we will struggle so we need to be ready for that.

"But if we started on the same strategy we would not gain any places because we are not as quick as the others. Until tomorrow, no one knows what will work better. The better strategy will win."

Alonso is hoping Ferrari will be able to take advantage of its rivals' use of the option tyre at the start of the race to gain track position.

He is adamant the softs will prove problematic at some point, but is also wary of its potential to be a stronger tyre on race day.

"At this moment, it's difficult to predict what will happen tomorrow. In Germany I remember the soft tyres were not working very well, so we started on the prime and on Sunday the soft tyre lasted a very long time.

"If the soft lasts, with good conditions and good pace, long enough the people in front will not have any problems.

"[But] the soft tyres are not good. It's not a hope, it's the reality. If it's a disaster tomorrow people will have more problems."

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